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You maybe familiar with Words Academy, well math academy is similar in the way the game is played. The objective of the game is to add, substract, divide or multiply the numbers in order to get Zero as the result.

Sounds easy? Well, not really. The game is more difficult as you have to find the right path of numbers and math operations. One mistake and you have to restart the game.

Math Academy 12 Held Hostage Answers:

  • 1+2×4-6-6 = 0
  • 4+2-12+4+2 = 0

Sometimes it is difficult to find the right path to perform the operations even you have the right answers. So, in this case, it is better to see the video for “12 Held Hostage” level of Math academy game.


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One thought on “Math Academy 12 Held Hostage Answers

  1. On the 12 held hostage on mine is not like urs mine has 4+4+4-6-6 which still equals 0 but just thought you and others may need to know if it happens to them.

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