Math Academy Answers

Math Academy is the latest addition to developer Scimob’s list of educational but fun mobile apps; they are the developer of other games such as 94 seconds, 94 percent and Word Academy. As the name suggests, Math Academy is a game about maths however specifically the game focuses on maths operations. Players need to find the right maths operations to reach zero in order to win; while players don’t need a degree in maths it certainly helps to know a little about maths operations.


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The game begins pretty simple with small grids and basic math equations that players need to complete in order to make all the squares disappear . However as the game becomes more difficult players are faced with large grids with a wide range of maths operations which players need to solve the math equation in order to progress further into the game. The difficulty level raises at a relatively nice pace and should not be too much too soon for those players with lower maths skills or knowledge which may have been forgotten over time or just hasn’t been learnt yet.

If players cannot clear the grid first time then there is a ‘refresh’ option to remove the lines and allows players a chance to start over; this is a feature which is especially needed later into the game when the equations become more difficult. There is however no option to deselect a grid piece meaning if players make a mistake or a mispress on their device then they will need to refresh the entire grid; this could be annoying for some players however it just adds to the games difficulty.

Math Academy is a maths based puzzle game which fans of puzzle games should enjoy especially if they enjoy maths or maths based puzzles. This is a game based entirely around maths operations and maths equations meaning this game is only for those looking to find a fun maths related game or those looking to improve upon their basic maths skills.


There can be some rather invasive advertisements at times however this is a free game so some ads within the game are to be expected; still the invasive ads are distracting and can be off-putting when playing the game. Players can choose to put real money into the game by buying ‘hints’ or ‘solutions’ to help them beat more difficult levels.

Maths Academy is available for both iOS and Android devices; it’s a fairly large download however for fans of puzzles and maths the download should be worth it. The game is certainly a brain teaser and should only be picked up by those looking to have their basic maths skills challenged!